When He Comes, Close Your Eyes / Chapter 83
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5pm. The golden rays of the sunset s.h.i.+ne through the window.  Under the crystal Chandelier, two men are sitting at a dining table.  One on each end.  They are having dinner.  


“What are your plans?” asks Xie Han.


Bo Jinyan glances at him: “What do you think of Russia?”


Xie Han smiles: “I like it.  The heaven for drugs and weapons.  Let’s go to Russia together.”


It’s decided.  They raise their gla.s.s.  


“To Russia.”


“To Russia.”


They have just finished their entree of smoked salmon.  The servants dish up their main course.  Xie Han adjusts his napkin and watches Bo Jinyan’s reaction.  


A plate with a medium cooked steak appears before Bo Jinyan.  


Bo Jinyan  flashes a sarcastic smile, then he leisurely picks up his knife and fork.  As he cuts the steak into small pieces, the juice flowed out from the steak shows streaks of blood. He picks up a small piece with his fork and puts it in his mouth.  


Xie Han looks with approval.


Soon, Bo Jinyan has finished his beef.  Salad and dessert is served next.  


Xie Han stands up.  He walks over to Bo Jinyan: “I’ve had enough to eat.  Please excuse me.  I will give you a tour of the mansion tonight.  When you finish your meal, one of the servants will show you to your room.”


Bo Jinyan is about to put a slice of cake into his mouth.  He does not even look at Xie Han: “Ok.” 


As Xie Han is about to leave, suddenly, he notices from the corners of his eyes, that a force is coming at him.  He tries to defend but it’s too late.  There is something poking his throat.  Bo Jinyan has grabbed Xie Han by his collar with one hand. And he is holding a fork by Xie Han’s throat with his other hand.


Their eyes meet.  Bo Jinyan is not smiling.  He has a look of disgust on his face.


A few minutes later.


“No more pathetic tests.” Bo Jinyan lets go of him.  He sits down and says: “My patience is running out.”


Xie Han’s throat is a little red and painful from the poke.  But he is not angry.  He laughs: “Ok. Ok.  I am not trying to test you.  I just want to see you eat some red meat.”


Bo Jinyan pays no heed to his words.


Xie Han waves his hand.  A few red laser dots on Bo Jinyan’s body disappears.  The snipers who are pointing their guns at Bo Jinyan relaxes.  




Night.  In Anam’s hospital room.  


It’s almost midnight. But n.o.body intends to go to bed any time soon.  All the IT specialists are sitting at their desk.  The FBI agents and a rep from the army are gathered around a map, discussing the plan of attack. 


Fu Ziyu is still very weak.  His doctor orders him to get some rest.  He has no choice but be wheel-chaired back to his room.   But Jian Yao wants to keep up with the latest progress.  She insists to stay on.  But she is tired too.  Soon she doses off in her chair.  But after a short rest, she wakes up and immediately checks the screen.  It’s a view of a ceiling in a dark room.  


It is Bo Jinyan’s bedroom.  He is lying in bed, wide awake.  They can hear his breathing.  Every now and then, he turns his body, or sits up to drink some water.  


After dinner, Xie Han showed him around the estate.  He invited Bo Jinyan to his underground cellar to view some of his prized booties/body parts taken from his victims.  He also showed him some people that he’s kidnapped and kept in cells.   Bo Jinyan did a quick count. There were more than ten people imprisoned, including Yin Ziqi’s fiancé, Lin Yi Yang.  He looked pale and terrified.  He had lost a lot of weight since Bo Jinyan last saw him.  He was surprised to see Bo Jinyan there.  But he was too afraid to ask any questions.  


Xie Han said: “We’ll have some fun tomorrow.”


Bo Jinyan smiled: “Sure.”


It was a ‘pleasant’ conversation.  They didn’t say very much, but they seemed to understand what’s in each other’s minds.  When they reached Bo Jinyan's bedroom, Xie Han made sure he was happy with the room before he said goodnight and left.


And Bo Jinyan remained calm at all times.  He took a shower, then got changed and lie down on the bed.    


He has a little microphone in his ear, which means he can hear what’s going on in Anam’s room.  But he can’t speak.  Because he is sure the room is wired. 


Although Jian Yao can’t see Bo Jinyan, she can see what he is seeing.  Her heart follows his every move.  She is concerned for his safety.  Even though the army and the FBIs have surrounded the estate, it only takes a few seconds for Xie Han to kill him if he wants to.  


One of the FBI agent in Anam’s room walks over to Jian Yao.  He is in charge of ground operation for this case,  a Caucasian in his forties. 


Jian Yao smiles at him.  He looks like a considerate and sincere man: “Jenny, we commend you for your bravery and wisdom.  How are you feeling?”


Jian Yao smiles: “I am fine.  Thank you.  I want to thank you too.  It’s a risky plan and the FBI has put a lot of effort into this operation.”


In fact, so many people are involved in this operation - the media, FBI, the army, Maryland University criminal psychologist… Everyone is cooperating with Bo Jinyan in setting up this trap for Xie Han.  This is why Jian Yao almost believed the existence of Bo Jinyan’s split personality.   This lie is too grand.  It’s so ‘ridiculous’ that it’s hard not to believe.    


The FBI agent laughs, He says seriously: “Simon has given a lot for our country.  We have great respect for him.  And Xie Han is a cunning and cruel criminal.  We cannot afford to let him slip.  Therefore, we have no reason to refuse Professor Bo’s requests.”




A few hours later, Anam comes to her.  


This genius hasn’t slept for days.  He looks tired.  He quietly walks up to her, and takes a seat beside her.  He puts something on the table that looks like a walkie talkie.  


“He can hear you if you speak into this.  Just press the red b.u.t.ton when you speak.” Then he leaves and walks back to his seat. 


Jian Yao looks appreciatively at Anam.  She picks up the device.


“Hi, Jinyan.”  She speaks with a soft low voice.  


Everyone in the room can hear their conversation.  They all smile.  Some of them turn around and look at her. 


Jian Yao is not paying any attention to the rest of the people in the room. She is just staring at the screen.  About one second later, Bo Jinyan lifts his hand and touches his nose.  


It’s a sign he’s heard her. 


She feels both happy and sad at the same time.  But more than that, she really misses him.  A feeling that words alone cannot convey.  She pauses for a while, then all she can say is a simple phrase of encouragement: “You can do it.  I believe in you.”


Everything has come to a stand still.  No one says a word.


After a while, Bo Jinyan gets out of bed and switches on the light.  He walks to the bathroom.  


He stands in front of the mirror, and stare at his own image…


… to stare at her.  


He wants her to see him.


Jian Yao looks at his handsome face.  Then he bends down, splashes some water over his face and dries it with a towel.  Then he looks into the mirror again, and gives a faint smile. 




After their ‘greeting’, Jian Yao relaxed a bit.  An FBI agent escorted her back to her room to rest.  She asked the nurse to wake her up in a few hours.  But when the time came, Fu Ziyu told the nurse it’s not necessary, that Jian Yao needed the rest.  


If Bo Jinyan was there, that’ what he will do!  Rest well, Jian Yao.  When you wake up, he will be back. 




In the control room.  


They are ready for action.  All the agents, officers and Anam etc are doing their final briefing.


“5:20am.” says the agent.  “Simon, in fifteen minutes, we will start our attack.  The helicopter will come and bring you out.” 


Bo Jinyan is awake.  He stands on the balcony, looking out to the surrounding woods and forests.  He uses his finger to tap the marble table top his hand is resting on.   


He’s survived the night.  He looks at his watch: 5:26am.  He walks back into the room and takes a sip of water.  


“Knock… knock…” A strong tap on the door.  


Everyone in the control room tenses up.  They don’t expect Xie Han to wake up so early in the morning.  


Someone suggests: “Perhaps we should start our attack sooner.” 


The chief in command keeps silent. 


Bo Jinyan opens the door.  Xie Han is standing outside his room in a white track suit. He leans against the wall and smiles at him: “Early bird catches the worm.  I am about to go for my morning exercise.  I’m sure you will be interested.”  


Bo Jinyan smiles.




They are on the roof of the mansion.  It’s an observation deck.


Standing on the deck, Bo Jinyan has an unbroken 360 degrees view of an entire surrounding area - the meadows, the gentle slopes of the nearby hills, the forests…   There are two sniper rifles strapped on the edge of a corner on the observation deck.


Xie Han’s five body guards are standing not too far away from them, at a distance of around fifteen metres.  Xie Han picks up one of the rifles, he aims it to the ground, then turns his head towards Bo Jinyan: “L115A3.  It’s my favourite.”


Bo Jinyan takes up the other rifle.  He looks through the scope and says to Xie Han: “Yes, it’s my favourite rifle too.”   He glances at his watch.  5:32am. Two more minutes till the attack.




The chief in command asks Anam: “Have we penetrated his security system yet?”


Anam smiles and adjusts his gla.s.ses: “Yes, of course.”


“Ok.” Chef in command orders: “No change to the original plan.  We will attack in two minutes.  Hunter no.1 Fighter Jet will a.s.sist Simon.”





Bo Jinyan hears everything that’s said in Anam’s room.  But there is no change whatsoever in his facial expressions.  He aims at a patch of gra.s.s.  Suddenly he remembers Jian Yao.


Soon.  My lady.


I will be back by your side. 


“Choose your target.”  He hears Xie Han’s voice.  He takes his eyes away from the scope and looks towards the ground.  Xie Han has ‘released’ his prisoners.   From a distance, they look like ants crawling around.  


Obviously, Xie Han wants to use them as living targets.  It’s a hunting game, using humans as their preys. From Xie Han’s expression, Bo Jinyan knows it’s not the first time he has played this game.  


Bo Jinyan looks at the ragged prisoners, he curls the edge of his lips: “Oh…. it’s too easy.”


Xie Han’s face glows with joy.


Then they hear a few gun shots, and the laughter of a few man from somewhere that’s below the observation deck.  Then all the prisoners panics and starts running.


“Is this… more fun?” Xie Han asks.


Bo Jinyan looks at him: “Well, I’ll give it a try.  If you don’t mind, I would like to make the first shot.”


“Be my guest.”


Bo Jinyan bends down.  His eyes look through the scope once again. At the same time, he quickly glances at his watch.  


Ten seconds to go.


Since Anam has penetrated Xie Han’s security system, the army is already hiding within the grounds of the estate, 


He counts in his mind:  “10, 9 , 8 …. 3, 2, 1!”


Engine sound.  


The engine sound becomes louder and louder.  Then they hear the sound and feel the movement of a whistling wind beneath them.  In a spit second, Bo Jinyan turns towards Xie Han and points his rifle in front of Xie Han’s heart.  


But once Xie Han heard the whistling wind, he instinctually draws out a gun and points it at Bo Jinyan.  


Their eyes meet.  In close range.  Two men,  Two guns.


Bo Jinyan’s gun is pointing at Xie Han’s heart. And Xie Han’s gun is pointing at Bo Jinyan’s forehead.  Xie Han’s body guards were initially shocked by what’s happened. Then they quickly point their guns at Bo Jinyan.  One of them shouts at Bo Jinyan: “Drop your gun.” 


Then they heard some gun shots on ground level.  


Bo Jinyan looks coldly at Xie Han.  Xie Han’s mouth curves into an ironic smile.  Suddenly, he realises things are not quite going his way anymore.  


“Oh s.h.i.+t!” He mutters.


Then Bo Jinyan hears a voice speak to him from the control room: “ Simon, get down!”


He ducks down immediately.  At the same time, Xie Han pulls his trigger.  The bullet misses Bo Jinyan’s throat by centimetres.   A helicopter hovers above them.  There is a row of machine guns attached to it.  The pilot fires at all those who are standing on the observation deck.  

Smoke is everywhere.  The body guards are shot. They fall onto the ground.  Xie Han sensed something was wrong so he followed Bo Jinyan’s lead to duck down, but he was still a fraction too slow.  His right leg is shot.  Blood gushes out of the wound.  


Bo Jinyan wastes no time.  He tries to shoot Xie Han!


But Xie Han is well trained.  He manages to hide behind a table that is turned sideways.  He tries to make his way to the stairs.  If he can get downstairs quickly, he can run to the lift that takes him to his room, where there is a secret tunnel that he can use to escape.  


Yet, he is not fast enough.  A second helicopter comes up from behind. Another row of machine guns are pointing straight at him.  At the same time, a few soldiers from the army have come up to the observation deck and surrounds him.  


Bo Jinyan stands up.  He shakes off the dusk on his clothes.  He looks at Xie Han.


There is no way he can escape now.


Xie Han’s face is pale. But he also looks relaxed. 


“Put down your gun.  Kneel down.” says one of the FBI agents.


He throws his gun away and reaches both hands to touch the back of his head.  But he didn’t kneel down like the agent asked him to.  Instead, he turns around and faces Bo Jinyan.


He starts to laugh.


“Simon.  Simon, Simon - You don’t understand, do you?  You give yourself to save these foolish and mediocre people.  But do they understand you? You choose a lonely path, and a foolish way to live.”


He is slowly stepping backwards, closer and closer to the edge of the deck.  One of the agents asks Bo Jinyan if they should shoot Xie Han.  Bo Jinyan slowly shakes his head. 


“Simon.  I will die here today.  But in the same way, your life also ends here.” He seems to have resumed his usual composure: “You didn’t win. We will meet again in h.e.l.l… my Bo Jinyan.”


He then jumps off the edge.  Everyone runs towards the edge.  They see a body falling in mid air, like a rock sinking to the bottom of the ocean, like a leaf flowing through the air towards the ground…


“Pang..” Suddenly, there is a huge explosion.  His body becomes a fireball.  Then all they see are ashes flying in the air and dripping like rain onto the ground.  


No one speaks.  


Xie Han strapped a bomb to his body.  Like Bo Jinyan said before, he will not allow himself to be captured.  Before his death, he turned himself into a ball of ash.


The officers and agents behind him continue with their rescue plan.  The morning sun is s.h.i.+ning.  There is a golden glow over the estate.  Bo Jinyan looks around.  The agents have reached the victims and are helping them to the ambulances.  



He turns around, and boards the helicopter that is waiting to bring him to the hospital, where Jian Yao is waiting.