When He Comes, Close Your Eyes / Chapter 68
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When Jian Yao is investigating a case with Bo Jinyan, she often feels like this - 


She is still trapped in the fog on the bottom of the hill, but Bo Jinyan has arrived at the top, leisurely looking at the panoramic views of the surrounding mountains….



His “fantasy”, his next victim, his name and ident.i.ty, his looks… How did Bo Jinyan get those answers?


“Simple.” He says as he rests his arm on the window sill of the backseat of the car: “The male victim is the person that is linked to the other three victims.  Once you identify these links, you can work out what is his fantasy.”


It’s 2pm.  The sun is s.h.i.+ning through the windows as Ouyang Lin drives everyone back to the police station.  Both him and Anam is listening intently to Bo Jinyan’s words.


So… the answer is hiding in the details.  But there’s so much detail. It’s easy to overlook and hard to pick out ones that are important.  


Bo Jinyan solves the puzzle for all of them:


“The female victim You Hua is a sales a.s.sistant who is about to take up a new role in Lamma Island.  Yang Yu Zhe lives in Lamma Island.  He is ready for a relations.h.i.+p, which means, if they didn't die, they would most probably meet each other.  A beautiful outgoing single woman and a handsome but shy writer…. a perfect romance.”


Anam is bewildered: “Just because they might meet one another…No.1 decided to kill them?”


Bo Jinyan corrects him: “No. It’s not ‘might’. Didn’t No.1 arrange for the two of them to meet by capturing both of them?”


Everyone feels a chill down their spine. 


“That’s sickening.” says Ouyang Lin.


Bo Jinyan continues: “Zhou Lin Po was a primary teacher between 2002-2005.  So according to Yang Yu Zhe’s age, he would be at primary school at the time.  No.1 wants a teacher like Zhou Lin Po.  Someone that is like a father and a good mentor.  Someone that is worthy of his respect.”


Li Kaixuan is a lonely, clever child who has lost his parents. Like Yang Yu Zhe, he likes writing - remember the awards he received for winning a writing compet.i.tion?  And those superhero comic books?  If he were Yang Yu Zhe’s son, he would admire and adore Yang Yu Zhe, and probably follows after his footsteps to become a writer when he grows up - the perfect son.”


That’s his fantasy.  He dreams of being Yang Yu Zhe.  A talented writer.  He wants to replace him.  And he goes around to find the best lover, father and son for himself.   But because his fantasy is mixed with reality of what he experienced in his childhood, this new family is also filled with betrayal and deception.  Therefore he tortured & killed them - his way of keeping them for himself forever.  


Ouyang Lin can’t believe what he is hearing: “But this is only in his head.  He killed four people that he didn’t know just to satisfy his fantasy?”


Bo Jinyan answers: “The links he established in the four victims’ life is a good enough motive for a twisted psychopath.  Furthermore, it answers the question as to why he came to Hong Kong. Long distance traveling increases his risk of being exposed.  Also, Hong Kong is a much smaller city, with a highly proficient and efficient police force.  There’s no logical reason why he wants to be here.  Except to attend the 2013 Hong Kong Galaxy Writing Compet.i.tion Award Ceremony.  It was held on the second day he came to Hong Kong.  As I said before, he is an egoistic anti-society psychopath.  The reason he came all the way to Hong Kong was because he wanted to attend this event.”


Jian Yao thinks to herself.  That’s true. If his dream is to become a famous novelist, this might well be the reason he is here.  


Bo Jinyan: “Now, why did he put duct tape over the man’s mouth when he was imprisoning him?  It’s likely that both of them entered the same compet.i.tion.  No.1 did not get an award.  So, there is a chance they’ve met in the award ceremony.  He knows the ident.i.ty of No.1.  Therefore, he was not allowed to speak or else he might reveal it in front of the other victims.”


Suddenly, all the random decisions made sense.  Why did he choose those people, the methods he used to torture and kill them, the ‘souvenirs’ he took…. Towards the end, he released himself from the fantasy that he is Yang Yu Zhe, and enters back into his world of hatred.  He abandoned them.  Now, the cycle is about to repeat.  He will look for the next person he wants to ‘replace’, ‘build’ another family and then kill them off…”


Bo Jinyan looks out of the window, and focuses on the road they are driving on: “His next target, is the other winner of the Galaxy Writing Compet.i.tion.”




Half an hour later. 


The car is stopped in front of a small house. There are a few police cars there already.  The neighbours are watching curiously from their properties.  This is the house of the second Galaxy Writing compet.i.tion.


Bo Jinyan and the others get out of the car.  Ouyang Lin takes the leads.  He walks up to an officer that’s already there.  The officer updates him: “A neighbour said the whole family has gone out with a friend.  But no one knows where they are”


Ouyang Lin gives Bo Jinyan a glance. 


BJY is quiet.  Jian Yao understands Ouyang’s glance.  The ‘friend’.  Is that No.1?


Has he started round 2?


Ouyang Lin asks the officer: “What about the award ceremony?” The officer answers: “They are collating all the photos, videos and information together.  Once the file is ready, it will be sent to us.”




The sun is inching its way to the west.  There are a lot of officers inside and outside of the house. They are looking for every piece of information that might help to find them quickly.


Bo Jinyan is leaning on the first floor balcony railings.  He has a photo frame in his hand.  Inside, there’s a photo of the missing family: Dad, mom, two kids and the dad’s father.


Jian Yao walks to him and asks softly: “Will he treat them the same way as the others?”


Bo Jinyan thinks for a while and answers: “This is a real family. It’s even more attractive for him.  He will want to replace the dad and live with the rest of the family members…”

Jian Yao is disgusted at the thought. It’s both amazing and scary that Bo Jinyan can understand these psychopaths so well.  Even though he is so intelligent, but if he has to think in the shoes of a psychopath all the time… Suddenly, she feels very sorry for him.


She holds his hand and says: “Jinyan, when this case is over, let’s take a holiday.  You said you want to bring me to America.  Let’s not take up any cases then.  I want your full attention on me.”


Her voice is soft and sweet.


Bo Jinyan takes a look at  her and smiles: “OK. I agree.”


He answers without hesitation.  Jian Yao is surprised but very pleased.  She squeezes her hand a little tighter.


Bo Jinyan is also very pleased.


Oh, she is so possessive of me.  I love it.  I’ll do whatever that will make her happy.




One hour later.  The Hong Kong police found the family.  


Bo Jinyan and the others return to the car.  Anam shows them an image on his lap top.


It’s a beach near Tsim Sha Tsui.  It’s backed to a forrest.  It’s a remote and slightly isolated campsite.  There are a few fis.h.i.+ng rods at the water edge, a tent, and some luggages. But no one is there.


(Note from TB: Ok….. obviously author is not too familiar with the geography of Hong Kong.  Beach, forrest  and camping in Tsim Sha Tsui?  That’s impossible.) 


“We found their car in the carpark.  According to their relatives, the luggage belongs to the family.” Ouyang Lin explains: “According to the forensic team, they have left the site for more than three hours.” 


Three hours is enough time for ‘him’ to bring them anywhere in Hong Kong.  


But Bo Jinyan laughs: “Cordon off Tsim Sha Tsui and do not allow traffic to get in and out of the region.  He is not far away.”  


Anam asks: “Why?”


Ouyang Lin steps on the accelerator, and the car speeds off.  Bo Jinyan sits leisurely at the back seat.  He replies: “Because, according to his plans, we are still running around in circles trying to find him based on the profile he wanted us to see.  He is still safe until the bodies of the second lot of victims are discovered by us.  By then, he will have abandoned where he is staying, his tools, cars… He will use a new ident.i.ty so we can’t find him.  So, for now, there is no necessity for him to change the location where he imprisons his victims.  His house is not far from the campsite.”




All the police are deployed to search for a house that fits the following description in the Tsim Sha Tsui area: 


 1. A house with a reasonable amount of land, so that the actual house is far from its immediate neighbours.


2. The house has a floor area of at least 2000 square feet.  It will most probably have a cellar.


3. The owner has a Honda black seven seater vehicle. 


4. The owner lives alone.


It’s getting darker.  Ouyang Lin bought sandwiches on a roadside store and pa.s.ses to the others.  They have a quick and quiet dinner and then continue with their investigation.


They have come across three houses that fit that description so far, but none of them is what they are looking for. 


They approach the fourth house. There’s no black car in the driveway.


Bo Jinyan looks at the house.  It’s a villa with lots of flowers in the front gate.  All the drapes and curtains are closed but there’s light coming though the gaps.  


“This fits his style.” says Bo Jinyan.  Ouyang Lin nods.  The other officers that came with them draw their guns from their pouch.  


Slowly, they surround the villa.  There’s a smaller unit next to the main house.  The door of the unit is suddenly opened.  A woman in her forties walk out.  She gets a big fright when she sees so many officers in the property.  Ouyang Lin puts up his fore finger in front of his mouth.  It’s a hand signal for her to keep quiet.    Bo Jinyan sweeps a glance to Jian Yao.  J Yao quickly walks over and asks the lady softly: “We are with the police.  We are on an investigation.  Who lives here?”

The lady is very surprised.  She answers quietly: “His name is Mr. Mei Yuanjun.” 


Bo Jinyan walks over and asks her: “Does he live alone?  Does he own a black Honda 7 seater?  Is he a writer?”


The lady is stunned: “Yes…  how did you know?  You guys are ….”


Jian Yao’s heart tightens.  Bo Jinyan has a victorious smile on his face.  


It’s him.


“Get inside.  Close the door and don’t come out.” Bo Jinyan says to the lady.  Then he gives a sign to Ouyang Lin.  Ouyang Lin nods and signals the other officers to moves towards the villa.  


Bo Jinyan gives a sign to Anam, who is still in the car, to call for the police station for support.


Suddenly, there is a high squealing noise.  It’s from the tyres of a black Porsche coming out from a garage around the back of the villa. 


“Stop!” yells Ouyang Lin, as he takes out his gun and fires a few warning shots.  But the Porsche just ignores him.  In the blink of an eye, it made a sharp turn and disappears down the main road.



“Quick!” Everyone rushes back to the car to go after him.