When He Comes, Close Your Eyes / Chapter 58
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She hears the sound of water in the bathroom.  Bo Jinyan is having a shower.  She hides under the duvet.  She thinks about what has happened.  She has given herself completely to him.  A feeling of wondrous sweetness fills her heart.


Bo Jinyan’s mobile phone rings.  Her thoughts are interrupted by the incoming call.  She looks at the screen, it’s Fu Ziyu.  She yells out to Bo Jinyan: “It’s Ziyu.”  She presses the answer b.u.t.ton and says to Fu Ziyu: “Ziyu, he won’t be long.”


Fu Ziyu says with laugh in his voice: “Oh, no hurry at all.  I hope I am not interrupting you guys.”


Jian Yao’s face burns in embarra.s.sment.  He knows!  


Bo Jinyan walks out from the bathroom, she quickly pa.s.ses him the phone.  


Bo Jinyan’s hair is still wet.  Water is dripping down onto his shoulders and back.  He has a towel wrapped around his waist, showing off his lean toned body.


Jian Yao is watching him from the bed.  Oh… from now on, this will be a frequent and normal sight…


“What’s up?” Bo Jinyan smiles as he answers the phone.


Fu Ziyu is concerned about his good friend.  He was afraid last night may have been a set-back for Mr.Bo because of his inexperience.  But it seems his concern was unnecessary.  His friend sounds like he had a fantastic night.  


Wow… Ms Jian Yao, must have been a tiring night for you.  A 26 years old virgin…


So he says to Bo Jinyan: “Oh, nothing much.  I just called to congratulate you.” Then he asks: “How was it?”


Bo Jinyan has a deep smile: “Thank you.  It was great.”


Jian Yao is able to guess what they are talking about.  She throws a pillow at Bo Jinyan: “I don’t want you to talk about it.” 


Bo Jinyan turns to smiles at her: “Ok.”  Then he tells Fu Ziyu: “She is shy, I can’t talk about it anymore.  But you can imagine how awesome it was.  Thanks for your useful advice.”


Jian Yao: “……”


After he puts down the phone, he sees her getting out of bed, wearing her pyjamas.  She is going to take a shower.  He looks at her lovely curves and her full firm bosom. It’s enough to make him feel hot again.  


Oh… she belongs to him.  This is an amazing feeling. 


Jian Yao turns around and sees him staring at her. 


“What is it?”


Bo Jinyan pauses to think of something to say to her.  He wants to convey his love for her in one concise statement. 


“If I knew  how much pleasure it would bring me when we are one physically and spiritually, I would have asked for your love on the first day we met.”


I have wasted so much time already.  I should have held your hands long ago, to share  this happiness.  



Jian Yao feels like a jar of honey has spilled into her heart, the sweetness flowing through to all the other parts of her body.


Seeking her love on day one?  That does fits his vain and brazen personality.




“Thank you. I am feeling very happy too.” She replies softly.


I am happy to be with you.  Even though your statement had no logic in it, but it’s the first time I have heard a statement from you that is illogical. And it’s because of me.


Because you love me, and I love you very much too.




The National holiday flashes past.  Some people had a pa.s.sionate and sweet week. Some had a tiring but meaningful week.  But some pa.s.sed it in despair and pain. 


7th October.  The last night of the holidays.  In a city in Southern provinces.  A dark and quiet factory warehouse.


A middle aged man.  He is stumbling as he walks.  He is holding a can of petrol, pouring it over a row of petroleum gas tanks.  


“I beg you…. please, let me go…” He wails like a trapped animal.  A man that appears to be strong on the outside has tears over all his face: “My parents are very old.  I have family.  My wife and children are waiting for me.  Please don’t kill me…. why me…”


A deep voice speaks out in the darkness: “I chose you because I like the looks of you.” 


The man knows there is no way out of this.  His hand shakes as he takes out the lighter and turns it on.  A flickering flame dances in the night.


“You will let my family go?” He asks trembling “If I light the fire, you will dismantle the bomb in my house?”


“Of course.” says the other man: “And I promise they will not suspect a thing… except that you have such a hatred for this society that you are committing suicide with arson.”


The man takes his last deep breath.  He closes his eyes, lets out an agonising yell.  He drops the lighter on the ground, onto the slippery and pungent petrol next to his feet….


As flames engulf him, he seems to hear the other man saying: “This is for my good friend.  To die for him is an honour.”


Then, there are sounds of big explosions, and he is swallowed in the waves of heat and force.  His world is silenced.  




8th October.  Morning.


A Grand Cherokee arrives at the Central Police Station.  Jian Yao gets out of the car.  Bo Jinyan is in his black suit.  They are walking side by side.  


“I have to file a complaint about last night.” Bo Jinyan says to her.


Jian Yao pauses her step.  Bo Jinyan continues with his ‘complaint’: “Why do you refuse to try out the new positions?  You know how inquisitive I am.  You can’t stop me from exploring and improving in this area.”


Jian Yao: “Please, just shut up.”


Bo Jinyan is not finished yet: “If I am one of the smartest people in the world, naturally I will also be one of the best in this area too.”


Jian Yao starts to blush.  A group of officers are coming towards them.  She quickly says in a low voice: “Can we discuss this when we get home?”


Bo Jinyan takes a look at the guys coming towards them.  They have just finished their fitness routine in the morning.  All of them are wearing T s.h.i.+rts or singlets. Their muscles have the pump look after workout.  And they greet Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao as they walk past: “Good morning, Professor Bo.  Good morning, Jian Yao.”


Jian Yao smiles at them.  A few of them stops to chat to Jian Yao.  Bo Jinyan stands quietly.  After they leave, he mutters to himself: “A bunch of raging hormones that are not getting the satisfaction they want.”


Jian Yao bursts out laughing…


It’s only been a week since he is ‘getting the satisfaction’. Does he have to be so proud of it?  


Work after the long holiday is no different from usual.  He still gets lost in this work and forgets about her until the ‘bell’ rings for lunch.  Then he walks over, gives her a long pa.s.sionate kiss and whispers in her ears: “We’ll continue tonight…” 


He receives a call from Yin Ziqi in the afternoon.


Because he is in a good mood.  His tone is unusually pleasant: “What is it? My lovely but troublesome sister?”


Yin Ziqi is inviting Bo Jinyan to go to America next month.  To spend Christmas with the rest of the family.


“Your father is not feeling so well lately.” She says: “You should visit him.”


Bo Jinyan thinks about it: “Ok.  I will bring Jian Yao to see him.  Can you arrange the air ticket for us?”


Yin Ziqi hesitates on the other end: “Are you sure you want to bring your girlfriend along?  I know Uncle Bo well.  He wants you to have a wife from the same social circle.  I agree it’s too old fas.h.i.+oned but he is not well at the moment, are you sure you want to do that?”


Bo Jinyan gives a faint laugh: “That’s his problem, not mine.  From the moment I chose my field in university, he’s always used his health has an excuse.  But he is never successful.  I am surprised you even brought this up.”

Yin Ziqi: “…..alright.” She hangs up.  Then she calls her fiance: “Hi.  Where are we going for dinner tonight?”




After Bo Jinyan hangs up, he looks at Jian Yao.  


Jian Yao is looking at him too: “You want to bring me back to the US?”


“We can spend Christmas together.  Just the two of us.” He says calmly.


Perhaps it’s the way he speaks, Jian Yao automatically thinks about what they usually do when there’s ‘only the two of them’.


She is about to tell him off when he continues: “If you are willing, I want to bring you to a few places.  I think you will enjoy visiting the places I like.”


Jian Yao answers gladly: “Yes, I’d love to.”


He wants to share his likes and interests with her.  He inadvertently makes her feel loved and treasured.  


Bo Jinyan is pleased with her answer.  


They continue with their work.  No one speaks anymore.  But the air in the office seems to be filled with a scent of happiness and contentment.  


Someone knocks on the door.  They both look up.  The Team Leader is holding some files, walking in with a sober look on his face.  

“Professor, there is an unusual case. I would like to have your opinion on it.”


Bo Jinyan has his usual faint smile: “Sure.”


The Team Leader continues: “In the last seven days, there have been five arson cases in five different cities.  All the  arsonists died on scene, and they left suicide notes.  When we link the cases together, we found the following: 

1.The brand of petrol used is the same

2. The brand for the lighter used to start the fire is also the same

3. We found detonation device in three of the five crime scenes. All of them are configured in exactly the same way.


Bo Jinyan stands up and takes the files.  He looks through them and mumbles: “This is an Interesting case indeed….”


(Note from Author Ding Mo: He is coming.  He is really coming. Everyone, close your eyes ~)



An ‘interview’ between the author Ding Mo and Bo Jinyan  


Author : Hi everyone.  Happy Mid Autumn Festival!  We are honoured to have Mr.Bo Jinyan here today to answer some of your questions.  Due to his busy schedule (he has made arrangements for later tonight, I am sure you’ll understand), he will only be with us for a few minutes…


Bo Jinyan: You have already wasted 5 seconds.  


Author: Do you ever find Jian Yao not attractive?

Bo Jinyan: Hormones flood your brain and body when you fall in love.  Therefore, in my eyes, she is always attractive.  The person who asked this question clearly lacks knowledge in the area.  I suggest they should read more on how to relate with the opposite s.e.x.  


Author: Next.  Do you want children?

Bo Jinyan: No, I am not interested to have kids.

Author: Ok. But it’s not entirely your decision….

Bo Jinyan: What did you say?


Author: Nothing... Contraceptive methods?

Bo Jinyan: We tried condoms and the pull out method. I don’t like either.  But for now, we will settle for the latter. 


Author: You are so blunt…. how many kids… O sorry, that’s a repeat.

Bo Jinyan: Zero. Next.


Author: Are you afraid of dying?

Bo Jinyan: Nonsense.  Of course not.  But with my IQ, I am confident of keeping myself alive until a ripe old age.


Author:  What sort of logic is that?  But alright…. next. How do you see Yin Ziqi?

Bo Jinyan: She is a family member that I am not very close to.  


Author: Yin Ziqi, I hope you are not too disappointed.  Next.  Jian Yao has a lot of secret admirers.  How do you deal with them?

Bo Jinyan: Why do I have to deal with them.  They have the word stupidity written all over them.


Author: Oh… that’s in my book intro.  Anyway, which part of Jian Yao do you like?

Bo Jinyan: (Smiles again) eyes.


Author: Today is Mid Autumn Festival.  What type of mooncake do you like?

Bo Jinyan: French style cherry filling.  That is Jian Yao’s favourite too.


Author:  Last question.  Is there anything you would like to say to the readers on Mid Autumn Festival?


Bo Jinyan: (pauses): Nothing.   


Author: …You!  If you don’t wish them a Happy Mid Autumn, you can forget about s.e.x for the rest of the story.



Bo Jinyan: (relunctantly) Ok.  Happy Mid Autumn.  Wish you have a happy time with your family.  Goodbye.