When He Comes, Close Your Eyes / Chapter 47
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Monday morning.  Fu Ziyu is holding his cup of coffee, sitting in his office.  The first thing he does is to give Bo Jinyan a call.


“How was it?” He laughs: “Was it successful?”


Bo Jinyan answers lazily on the other end: “She is very happy with me.”  He is standing in front of the mirror, putting on his tie.  


Fu Ziyu laughs.  Even though this is what he has expected, he can’t stand BJY’s arrogance.  


“Let’s celebrate tonight.” Says Fu Ziyu.




After he hangs up.  Fu Ziyu calls Jian Yao to congratulate her.


It was too late last night.  Jian Yao didn’t notice the love bites he left on her neck.   She is examining at them in the mirror when he called. “Thanks. If it’s not for your encouragement, we might not be together.” 


They chat for a while.  She asks: “What made Bo Jinyan decide to confess yesterday?” She smiles as she asks the question.


FJY recalls the answer Bo Jinyan gave him when he asked the exact same question.


“It’s because he suddenly realised you are special to him.  And he has strong desires for you.’


Jian Yao blushes in the morning sun.


“…. I can tell.” She mutters.


“What?” Fu Ziyu didn’t hear her.


Jian Yao refuses to repeat: “O, nothing.”




Jian Yao comes down to his apartment as usual.  After two knocks. Bo Jinyan quickly opens the door.  He has a big smile on his face.  


“Good morning.’ Jian Yao says.


Bo Jinyan looks down at her: “Good morning, my dear.”


She is stunned by the term of endearment.  He continues with his plan, which is to bend down and give her a morning kiss…French style.


After the short kiss, he moves his lips away.  His bright black eyes look gently at her. He says with his low husky voice: “We’ll continue tonight?”


Jian Yao blushes.

This man….


She changes the subject: “Let’s  go.  We have lots on today.’


“Mmm..” He rests his hands inside the pockets of his trousers.


“You can cling to my arms when we are walking together.”


She obliges and put her arm around his. 


He looks satisfied.  She can’t help laughing…


- He likes to cling on to me when he walks.


Actually, she likes it too.




The first day of work after they become lovers.  


Nothing much changes.  As Bo Jinyan starts to work, he returns to the Bo Jinyan she is familiar with - quiet, focused, a little unruly.  He still forgets to eat, or to talk to her.  So naturally, there’s no kissing either.


But for her, it’s different.  What happened last night keeps distracting her from concentrating.  


But she is glad that he is acting ‘normally’.  That when they are working, he would keep a professional distance.  

However, when the bell rings for lunchtime, something is different from usual.


She sees a pair of eyes, looking hungrily at her.  


Oh… the bell broke his concentration for work.  Suddenly, his mind is freed up to think of other things.


Then Bo Jinyan puts down what he is doing.  He walks over to Jian Yao and kissed her.  After a very long kiss, he smiles and goes back to work.


Mmmm…. so it’s not because he doesn’t want to kiss her.  He is just too focused on his work and forgets the world around him.  But once he’s stopped working, he comes immediately to soothe his desires.




Twilight.  Fu Ziyu arrives at the restaurant.


He asks the waitress: “Have my friends arrived yet?”


The waitress shows him to the private dining room.  She blushes as she tells him: “They have arrived for a while now.”


Fu Ziyu was puzzling about her strange reaction.  But once he opened the door to the room, it all made sense.    Inside the dimly lit room.   A couple is sitting at the sofa.  The man has  his head lowered down.  He is kissing the girl in the pretty long dress.  


Even though he has had many girlfriends himself, seeing how focused these two are in their kiss, he feels a little embarra.s.sed on their behalf.  


And it is too hard to imagine…. Bo Jinyan kissing a girl!


He gives a small laugh, then walks over to them.

When Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao hear someone has entered the room, they lift their heads together.  Jian Yao’s face is red with embarra.s.sment.   She wants to push Bo Jinyan away.  Bo Jinyan just takes a glance at Fu Ziyu, nods at him and turns his attention back to Jian Yao: “Ziyu can do the ordering.  Let’s continue.”


Jian Yao pushes harder to break away from him.  She picks up her gla.s.s of juice.  


This man….a  professor by day, an animal by night.  When he wants to kiss, he doesn’t care who is there with them.  


Bo Jinyan starts chatting with Fu Ziyu. But he is still holding her hand.  He is squeezing her hands playfully.  


In the middle of the meal, Bo Jinyan decides to go to the toilet.  Fu Ziyu looks at Jian Yao.  She thought he is about to ha.s.sle her.  But he gives a sigh, and says to her: “This is great.  I thought he would die a lonely old man.  Thanks for loving him.”


Jian Yao is touched.  She says:”Surely not.  You mentioned before that lots of girls are interested in him.”


Fu Ziyu answers: “But love is a two way thing.  It’s not easy to win his heart.”  He rests his chin on his hand: “Beware, Jian Yao.  Once he’s serious about you, he’s committed for life.” 


Jian Yao answers: “That’s too far in the future.” They just started.  And not to forget, his love EQ is low. 


“….I’ll prove it to you.”  he says with a very sure tone.


After Bo Jinyan comes back.  Fu Ziyu says in a very causal tone: “You will only accept a perfect ring as a wedding ring for Jian Yao.” 


Jian Yao is drinking tea.  She is observing his reactions.  Bo Jinyan answers without thinking: “Of course.”


Fu Ziyu continues: “Choosing the stone, getting it polished, deciding on a designer, find the right craftman…  You will need at least a few months.  Remember that.”

Bo Jinyan thinks for a while.  He looks at Jian Yao “She is the most fussy woman I’ve ever met.  I should allow twelve months.”  Then he lifts his brows: “Oh… should make a start on it now.”


Fu Ziyu: “Sure.”


Jian Yao: “….”




Falling in love has the same effect to a person whether they are sixteen or twenty six.  No matter how old you are, you just want to spend as much time as you can with the other person.  Even if the two of you are just sitting together, doing nothing.


It’s 8:00pm.  The golden hours in the evening.  Jian Yao didn’t even ask.  She knew he would follow her to her studio.  As she steps into the elevator, he holds her hand.


“If I remember correctly..” he says ”You should move in with me today.” 


Jian Yao is confused: “When did I say that?”


Bo Jinyan pauses and ‘reminds’ her: “Well, you said when you have a boyfriend, you will be living with him, spending time with him 24/7”  That is what she said before.


It was meant to be an excuse to reject his offer for moving in with him previously.


Now he is using it to his advantage.  


She bits her lower lip.  He continues to say to her: “Attention.  I am your boyfriend.  We have a great relations.h.i.+p.  I fit all your requirements…”


“Ok.” She says softly, holding his hand and swaying it: “I will move my stuff down tonight.”


He tightens his grip on her hand.




One hour later.  


Bo Jinyan is holding her luggage, walking in front.  She follows leisurely behind.


She remembers what he said in the restaurant.  He has already made up his mind to marry her.  She is so touched.  


But of course, it also shows how arrogant he is. But she didn’t want to fight with him.  Because  if she says “But when did I decide to marry you?” ,  he might well decide to propose to her tonight.  What if that happens? So it’s much easier not to bring up the subject.




She knows that he is not a man who will plan for these things way in advance.  It’s just that Fu Ziyu mentioned about it, and he speaks out his views on it.  


At least she knows that he is serious about the relations.h.i.+p.  That he cares a lot about her. 


And whether they will get more intimate?  She thought it has nothing to do with moving in together.  Bo Jinyan is a gentleman.  He will respect her decisions.  So whether it will happen or not, it’s entirely up to her.



But Jian Yao doesn’t know men well enough.  And she doesn’t know herself well enough either. She forgets that sometimes emotions and pa.s.sion can bury logic and self control. 


There’s still lots of time after they move her belongings downstairs.  He sits down on the sofa and turns on the TV.  Time for another doc.u.mentary.


Now that this is also her home, she takes away the remote and says: “Let’s watch something else for a change.’  She changes to the drama channel.


Bo Jinyan frowns and says: “That’s torture.”


Jian Yao replies: “It’s entertainment.”  She continues to change channels to see what interests her.  Bo Jinyan is trying to stop her.  But when he lowers his head, she lifts her head at the same time.  Pulling his sleeves, she says to him: “You work on those cases all day.  Your brain will need to rest too.  Don’t just watch doc.u.mentaries on criminology.”  She speaks softly to him.  Her slender fingers touch the fabric when she pulls his sleeve.


So he says to her: “I am not interested.  But if you kiss me every five minutes, I will accompany you to do even the most boring thing in the world.” 




After they finish, it’s past 11:00pm.


Jian Yao is sitting in his lap.  He is kissing her…. cheeks, neck, ears, hand… Every time he finishes, he will demand her to kiss him on the same spots. 


Amidst the rosy cheeks, heavy breathing, and loving gazes, he tries to seduce her again: “Sleep in my room tonight?” he says it his coa.r.s.e husky voice.


Jian Yao quickly jumps off him: “No, I am going to bed now.”




She is lying on bed.  Jian Yao has the duvet over her head.  she can still hear what’s happening  outside.  His footsteps.  Noise of opening and closing doors.  Then it’s the sound of water coming out from a tap.  


He is taking a bath in the lounge.  


He really doesn’t care, does he?


She doesn’t want to hear the sound but there’s no way of shutting them out.  Then her phone rings.


It’s Jian Xuan.


She is spending her summer holidays at home.  She will return to school after Mid-autumn festival.  


Jian Yao smiles and answers the call.  After chatting for awhile, Jian Yao senses there’s something on her sister’s mind.


“What it is?” She says her sister.


Jian Xuan pauses.  Then she asks Jian Yao: “Did Li Xunran confess his love to you?



"What?" says Jian Yao.