When He Comes, Close Your Eyes / Chapter 43
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Sunday morning.  It’s a bright day.  A layer of thin airy clouds lines the pale blue skies.


Last night, Bo Jinyan was too excited to sleep, like he had too much energy that can’t be burnt off.  Finally, he is conscious of the depth of his feelings for her.   He put on some music, and opened a bottle of red wine to celebrate.  He changed into his s.h.i.+rt and trousers, and sat down.  Faint moonlight seeps through the window.  He remembered the wonderful times they have spent together in the past nine months, every detail. 


If someone was to see his face, they would think this man looked confident, yet, calm and mysterious at the same time.  This was because he was wearing an enigmatic smile on his face.  And this smile has been on his face for hours.


But in fact….


He was extremely pleased with himself.  Even though he did not realise how much he liked Jian Yao, he had successfully attracted her to be by his side, as if he was a prophet, and knew this would eventually happen.  And he managed to keep her exclusively for himself.  




Fu Ziyu used to laugh at him for the lack of experience in this area.  So what?  Obviously he is a genius in this field as well. 


Now, all he needs to do is to make sure this woman only has eyes for him, and totally commits to him. 


To fall in love with him, enjoy his company, experience the best in life, indulge in their pa.s.sion, marry him, spend their days together, hug him, kiss him, travel the world together - Paris, the Caribbean, Zurich, Istanbul, the South Pole…  watching Jian Yao standing in different backdrops smiling sweetly at him… must be a  marvellous feeling.  

Oh…. It’s so exciting just thinking about it.  Bo Jinyan wants to run up to her studio right now and wrap her in his arms.


Jian Yao, you are mine.  “Bo Jinyan’s lover.”  This ident.i.ty is perfect for you. 


He looks at the night lights, and enjoys his wine.  


See you tomorrow, my love.




What if…. 


Jian Yao doesn’t like him? 


Sorry, perhaps it is a question that causes concern or anxiety for a normal guy, it is not a thought that ever occurred for Mr. Bo Jinyan.


He only needs to know he likes her.  He wants to get her.  That’s enough.  




After spending the whole night thinking about his late blossoming first love, he didn’t fall asleep until late at night. 


When he opens his eyes in the morning, it’s past 10am.  


He frowns, then takes a stretch.


His original plan is to buy her breakfast, then surprise her at her studio.  Well, too late for that.  Change it to lunch then.


He calls a nice restaurant in the neighbourhood reserves a booking for two.


After shower, he carefully chooses what he will be wearing today.  He even picks up a tie with bright colours, to suit his mood.


And he even uses the skincare Jian Yao bought for him. 


If she wants to savour his scent - he will be happy to oblige.




Bo Jinyan is standing in front of Jian Yao’s house.  He presses on the door bell.


“Ding Dong-“


“Ding Dong-“

No answer.


Then he remembers.  Jian Yao said she will be going out with Li Xunran today.


But in Bo Jinyan’s mind, sightseeing is an activity that doesn't take very long.  She will be back soon.  He thought.




He looks at the closed door.  Jian Yao will not be coming back to have lunch with him.





The first time he is pursuing a girl…. and he misses out.  


Jian Yao is having lunch with Li Xunran and a few of his colleagues at a restaurant that specialises in roast duck.


Li Xunran has been to B City a few times now, but it’s the first visit for some of his colleagues.  Jian Yao insists that she must shout them a meal, as a good host would.


 She looks at the menu.  The other colleagues are chatting and smoking cigarettes.  Li Xunran rests his hand on the back of her chair.  She picks a few of her favourite dishes.


When a woman has someone on her mind, she is always thinking about that person.  After giving the orders to the waiter, she takes out her mobile phone and texts Bo Jinyan:


“Remember to have some lunch.”


Li Xunran picks up his cigarette, takes a look at her sitting the sun.  Her gaze is gentle, and her skin is soft and supple.

After she puts down her phone, Li Xunran quietly laughs: “Who are you sending a text to?  So pre-occupied when you are spending time with me… your boyfriend?”


Jian Yao: “No… don’t have one.”


Her phone rings.  The caller displays has “Bo Jinyan” on it.


He’s calling her.




Just before he received Jian Yao’s text, he was watching TV.  


Another doc.u.mentary on … criminology :)


After finis.h.i.+ng the episode.  He switched it off.  He notices a takeaway box on the coffee table.  He frowns.  He is not in interested in fast food. 


He looks at his mobile phone.


He picks it up and walks to the window.  He is just about to call Jian Yao when he sees a new text message.




He smiles.


- Ah ….she is thinking of me.


He calls her number.


“I will have lunch soon.”  He leans his body towards the window.  He looks out to the clear blue sky, and speaks with husky voice: “When are you coming back?


Jian Yao is in noisy restaurant.  She can’t pick the difference in his tone.


But the fact that he asked when she will be back is enough to make her smile.  So she answers sweetly: “I am having roast duck with them.  I might be a little late today.  What’s up?”


There is no way the arrogant Bo Jinyan will confess his love for her over the phone in such a hasty fas.h.i.+on.  Besides there’s a lot of people around her.  


He is quiet for a moment.  Then he says politely: “Enjoy your meal.”


Jian Yao: “Ok…. you too.”


She  puts down the phone and finds Li Xunran looking at her suspiciously, with a sly smile.


She blushes.  Then she pushes him: “What are you smiling about..?”




The plans are deferred once more.  Bo Jinyan has nothing to do.  He calls the central police station to schedule the remaining work he needs to do for Huo Xiao Lu’s case.  


Then a thought comes to his mind.  He calls Fu Ziyu: “Come out for dinner.”

A clear and bright night in B City.  People are enjoying themselves and relaxing in bars and restaurants after a hard week’s work.


Fu Ziyu arrives at the restaurant to see Bo Jinyan sitting alone in the private dining room.  The look on his face…. well, perhaps narcissism is not quite the right word to describe it, but he is certainly in a good mood.  A subtle smile radiates on his face. 


“Where’s Jian Yao?” asks Fu Ziyu. “Why is she not with you today?”


Bo Jinyan simply answers: “There’s no hurry.”


That’s a strange answer…


Fu Zuyi sits down and pours himself a gla.s.s of water.  He sips a bit: “Anything happened to you recently?”


Bo Jinyan looks at him.  His eyes gleam.


“I have fallen in love with Jian Yao.”



Fu Ziyu gags, and the water in his mouths is sprayed all over the table.