When He Comes, Close Your Eyes / Chapter 42
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Summer is coming to an end.  Autumn colours are beginning to appear on trees.  Light and refres.h.i.+ng breezes comes through the window into the lounge.


Jian Yao is lying in the sun.  There is not much to do.


Bo Jinyan looks very contented with reading his book.  Jian Yao is sure that even if he was the only human left in the world, but there are books for him to read, he would be quite happy to live by himself, without missing much of the social aspects of life.  


She, on the other hand, is bored.  She takes out her notebook from the bag.  She wants to read through the ‘lesson on verbal communication a.n.a.lysis’ from last night.  Then she notices the corner of a pink paper sticking out from the bag.  The movie tickets.


She sighs.


She didn’t expect Bo Jinyan to be able to solve this case in four hours.  If it wasn’t for her injuries, they could go and watch the movie.  


Jian Yao puts the tickets back in her bag.  She opens the notebook and starts reading.


After she reads a few pages, she feels someone is looking at her.


She looks up.  Bo Jinyan is putting his feet together, and looking thoughtfully at her.  


“What’s the matter?” She asks.


He gives her a smile.   Then he puts the book down and walks into his room, and he closes the door.  


Jian Yao has no idea what he is up to.


His smile.  A typical aloof Bo Jinyan’s style of smile.   Like he is telling her: “Woman, I know you too well.”  Has he come up with some new but pathetic theories about woman again?


He opens his room door.  


Bo Jinyan walks out with his hands in his pockets.  Leisurely.


Jian Yao is confused.


He’s dressed in his suit.  Complete with a tie, a nice white s.h.i.+rt and polished shoes.  He’s combed his hair nicely too. He is looking very smart in his outfit.  


Jian Yao: “Are you going somewhere?”


Bo Jinyan gives her a glance: “No.  I changed into my suit to go to bed.”


Jian Yao: “…..”


Can’t he just answer her nicely for once?


She decides to ignore him and continue to read her book.  It doesn’t matter where he is going. She can’t tag along anyway.


But he walks over to her and she hears his voice above her head: “How long are you going to make me wait, Ms. Jian?” 

Jian Yao looks up.  He has extended his hand out towards her.  The amber cuffing on his sleeve glints in the light.  


“The movie is starting soon.”




It’s the weekend.  The cinema is packed and noisy.


Bo Jinyan hates this sort of environment.  He frowns as he enters.  But when he sees the smile on Jian Yao’s face….


Well, if it makes her happy, it’s tolerable, I suppose.


When they walk pa.s.s the candy bar, Bo Jinyan takes a look at the queue.  They are mostly young man standing in line in a narrow corridor.   But their purchases are usually popcorn, energy drinks, preserved plum etc etc… all the snacks that the girls like to eat.


It is so pathetic… 


He is about to enter the ticket check area when Jian Yao gives him a nudge: “Go buy some popcorn.”


Bo Jinyan’s lips curl  - Ah… woman.


He is about to refuse, and comment on her poor taste when… he sees her eyes, like two sparkling jewels on her soft delicate skin. 


She gently shakes his arms.  “Go on.” She asks with a sweet soft voice.  


Bo Jinyan stands still for a while.  He takes out his wallet and asks: “Just popcorn?”


“Mmm… get some drinks too. I want green tea.”




These so called couple boxes are reasonably sized rooms that can fit around 60 people.  There are approximately thirty pink two seater sofas  in them.  The one Bo Jinyan booked is in the centre of the room.


Bo Jinyan a.s.sumed couple boxes are individual rooms with just one sofa in them.  He thought there would only be the two of them there.  He didn’t expect to have to share the room with so many other strangers.


Jian Yao is thrilled though.  She says to him: “The seats you reserved are great.” 


Bo Jinyan takes a look at her.  Finally, a smile on his face since he entered the couple box: “Well, of course.”  He says.


As the lights dims, vibrant images emerge onscreen.  Jian Yao is sitting on the sofa.  Besides the movie screen, she can see couples cuddling on the sofas.  


 The sofa is not very wide.  The two of them takes up most of the s.p.a.ce.  Bo Jinyan sits quietly beside her.  They are certainly not as intimate as the other couples.  Bo Jinyan rests one arm on the back of the sofa above her shoulders.


Jian Yao is so happy that he has decided to accompany her to the movies.


“Thank you.” She says, with her eyes looking at the movie screen. It’s to thank him… for watching a movie with her even though he might find it boring, for looking after her last night, and for patiently leading and guiding her and walking side by side on a journey together.  


“Huh?” A slightly confused half hearted response in the dimmed light.  


Jian Yao just smiles. 


As usual, anything that is romantic cannot be sustained when it comes to Mr. Bo.


After ten minutes of the movie, he starts to get bored.  The story still focuses on the relations.h.i.+p between the leads.


He takes out his mobile phone and leans back: “Call me when the aliens start to invade.”


Jian Yao: “….alright.”


Bo Jinyan reads the news, then checks his email.  He is about to do a search on Google when he hears everyone else in the room laughs.


He looks up.  It’s something to do with the male lead telling the female lead a joke.  He takes a look at Jian Yao. She is holding the popcorn with both of her hands, leaning towards him.  She seems to be enjoying the movie a lot. 


Bo Jinyan smiles and takes out his mobile phone again, to continue with his search.


He presses the return b.u.t.ton.  He is surprised with the findings.


Instead of the criminal terminology, he accidentally typed ‘Jian Yao’ because he was looking at her. 


He is distracted. 


This has never happened before.




Jian Yao sees a s.p.a.ce battles.h.i.+p onscreen.  


She taps him in the chest: “You can watch the movie now.”


“Yeah…” He is still staring at his mobile screen. With a smile. 


Jian Yao subconsciously takes a glance at his screen.  Even through the image is blur, it looks kind of familiar.


“What are you looking at?”


Bo Jinyan doesn’t try to move his body trying to block her view, but allows her to lean closer so that she can see more clearly what’s on the tiny screen.


“This is…’Jian Yao blushes.


Bo Jinyan has a bigger smile on his face.


On his mobile, is a picture of Jian Yao when she was young.  It’s probably from some kids singing contest.  There’s even a caption with her name on it.


A little girl is wearing a swan costume, looking very cute and innocent.  She was trying hard to stretch out her hands and feet.  There’s make up on her face too.  Thick black eyeliners, two red patch of rouge on her cheeks.  It’s hard to tell what she actually looks like under the layer of make up.


Jian Yao takes the mobile phone from him: “I just started primary school.  Back then the teachers like ‘decorating’ the kids this way.”


Bo Jinyan: “Mmm… very enchanting.”


Jian Yao laughs: “… what?”


As she leaned over to see the picture, she was almost in his arms.  She didn’t notice that her hair is resting on top of his white s.h.i.+rt.  All he needs to do is just to move his neck slightly - and his lips will touch her silky, s.h.i.+ny hair.


In a dimly lit room, a wisp of fragrance lingers.  It’s Jian Yao.  He sniffs her hair.  


Jian Yao was just curious about what he was looking at. But suddenly, a thought enters her -


Bo Jinyan searched about her on the internet.


Well, perhaps he was bored.  But she decides to get it clarifies so she  lift up her head and asks:”Why are you ‘searching’ me?”


Then she freezes in her position.


As she was lifting up her head to speak to him, he was bending down to sniff her hair (of course, Jian Yao was not aware of this).  There was hardly any distance between them to start off with, and now, they are looking into each other’s eyes with just centimetres between the faces.


She can hear the rhythm of Bo Jinyan’s breathing.  His breath seems to surround her whole body. Those deep dark eyes, so close to her, are staring steadily at her.  


She remembers their ‘accidental’ kiss.  Her heart is pounding.  And her body is still.  Still… in his arms, still… just centimetres away from his face.  She can’t decide whether she should move closer, or move away.  




Bo Jinyan is not moving either.


Jian Yao is in his arms.  They are so close to one another, their individual breaths seems to fuse together.


He can see her face from the bright rays refracted from the screens.  Her clear sparkly eyes, her lovely nose and her pink lips.  The wisp of her humid breath escapes from her mouth into his nostrils.  A distinctive floral feminine scent.  


Bo Jinyan feels that deep within him, a gust of hot air is silently surging.   


An imaginary bright light seems to have s.h.i.+ned into and illuminated his mind.  


He remembers the time when Jian Yao’s fingers gently touched his skin, the unusually ticklish but nice sensation.  He remembers whenever he sees her, the joy that he feels.  He remembers the day when she wore the sleeveless yellow dress, the way he looked at her delicate skin, her neck, collarbone, shoulders, arms… It’s the same feeling as he has now - his hormones are raging.   

He also remembers the moment he saw her fell down the stairs.  The burning pain in his chest.  It is as if his heart were contracting.  


That moment, all the thoughts came together at once.  The pieces of the puzzle finally put in their place. 


He slightly lowers his eyes and looks at this woman.  


In the dimmed room, his puckers his lips, and leans his face towards her.  


“Buzzzzz” A rapid pulse is coming from her pocket.  


Bo Jinyan is startled by the buzz.  Jian Yao moves back to retrieve her phone in the pocket.


The ambiguity between them quickly dissipates.


Bo Jinyan sits silently.  His eyes are fixed on her. 


Jian Yao’s heart was beating so fast that she thought she would collapse.   It was only a short moment but it felt like it lasted for a whole century.  She doesn’t know if what just happened was only her illusion.  Does Bo Jinyan really have no feelings for her?  Or can he also feel… an undercurrent of pa.s.sion between them? 


So, when the phone rang, she instinctually leaned back. 


She feels both relieved and disappointed.   But she feels that she needs to clear her head first.  


She tries to remain calm.  She lowers her voice and takes the incoming call: “h.e.l.lo?”


Li Xunran’s familiar voice appears on the other end: “I’m in B City.”


Jian Yao is surprised.  She smiles: “Give me a moment.”  She turns to Bo Jinyan: “I am going outside to take a call.”


The lights dies out on the screen.  She can’t see Bo Jinyan’s expression.  But she can hear a soft “Yah.” from him.  




Jian Yao is not fully recovered yet.  She walks slowly into the corridor. She takes a deep breath.


Li Xunran hears her ‘loud’ breathing and asks: “Is everything ok?”


“Yes yes.” She says with a smile: “You said you are in town.”


Li Xunran answers with a smile too: “Yip, just landed.” 


It’s been a long time since they caught up with one another. The last time Jian Yao tried to call, he didn’t answer his phone.  Jian Yao found out from her mom later that he was away investigating a big case, and he’s not allowed to contact anyone.


Two months ago, Li Xunran gave her a call to say he is fine.  He’s busy, and tired.  That was the day she started to work in the Central Police Station.  Since them, both of them were busy with their respective jobs, and they hadn’t spoken to each other since. 


She didn’t expect him to be in B City.  


“I’m going to be here for a few days.  There’s a conference at the National Securities Office.  Tomorrow is Sunday.  I am free.  Make sure you don't have any other plans.”


Jian Yao laughs: “Yes, Dictator.”


“You should know me better by now.” He says, “I borrowed a car.  I will pick you up from your apartment tomorrow.” 




They chat for a while.  When Jian Yao mentions she is now starting to investigate cases, Li Xunran was very happy for her.  He says boastfully:  “I knew I had a positive influence on you.”


When she ends the call, she realises they have chatted for more than half an hour.


Jian Yao still has a smile on her face.  When she turns around, she sees a familiar tall figure standing in the corridor, not too far from her. 


It’s Bo Jinyan.  Jian Yao doesn’t know when did he come out from the couples box.  


Jian Yao walks over.  Trying to look ‘normal’ while she says to him: “I’m sorry.  It’s Li Xunran.  It’s been a long time since we spoke, so I got a bit carried away.”


He sweeps her a glance: “That’s ok.  I’ve just been neglected for half an hour.”


Jian Yao is both slightly annoyed and amused: “Sorry, sorry.  Let’s go in.”


Bo Jinyan curls his lips, and gives her his hand as a support: “No.  let’s go.”


Jian Yao wonders: “Why? The alien battles.h.i.+p has begun its attack, right?” It’s the action bits that he is after.


Bo Jinyan says slowly: “I am thinking of something that is very important.”


Jian Yao looks at him.  He looks so serious.  Perhaps it’s something to do with ‘him’?

She asks softly: “What is it? Is there anything I can do to help?”


Bo Jinyan pauses his steps.  He looks at her.  


“I will definitely tell you, soon.”





When they get back to the apartment, Jian Yao suggests that she will sleep in her own studio tonight.  Her foot is better, and it will be easy when Li Xunran comes over tomorrow morning.


Her injuries are better, so Bo Jinyan does not insist that she stays with him anymore. 


Jian Yao asks him if he wants to accompany Li Xunran for sightseeing tomorrow.


Bo Jinyan seems to be still thinking about this ‘very important matter’.  He answers grumpily: “Why would I want to spend time sightseeing with him?”




Jian Yao is lying in bed.  She lets out a long sigh.  


She still believes Bo Jinyan has no feelings for her.  Perhaps at that moment, he was perplexed about what she wanted to do.  


Even when they did kiss last time… well, the lips touched…. he can leisurely say to her he won’t let her future boyfriend know about it.


What expectations can she have? 


Stop thinking!  Actually their relations.h.i.+p is not too bad at the moment.




She takes out the photo from her drawer.  She looks at his quiet but pale face.


Bo Jinyan, will I ever get into your heart?




Bo Jinyan fell asleep quite quickly tonight.  Perhaps it’s because something good happened today?


Then he dreamed.  A series of dreams.


In the first dream, he was a young boy.  His mother was cuddling him by the river, fis.h.i.+ng.  He can’t recall what mom looks like, but he remembers her to have a warm and gentle voice, and nice facial features.  


Then it changed to after he returned to China.  The first time he saw Jian Yao.


She was holding a fis.h.i.+ng rod, sitting by the river.  Beautiful, slim and gentle.  


He loves eating fish, but he has no patience for fis.h.i.+ng.  Whenever his mom was fis.h.i.+ng, he would play around in the wood.  When he returns, the basket will be full of fish.


Although mom is no longer around, he would still cast the rod into the river and walk off.  But this time, she picked up his fis.h.i.+ng rod, and filled it with fish.




Then, he dreamt about what happened today.  


Jian Yao and him are in the cinema again.  But in his dream, the movie screen only shows the action bits.  There is no boring romance scenes. 


She is resting in his arms, looking up into his eyes. 

He smiles, and takes out her mobile phone from her pocket.  He throws it away, to the far corner of the room, and then he bends down, and kisses her. 


Her lips are as soft as he expected them to be.  Her floral and sweet scent, lingering in his mouth.  His hands are holding her face, they gently kiss, and kiss, and kiss.



The slightly chaotic dream suddenly halts in his mind.


He opens his eyes.  He is awake.


He switches on his bedside lamp.  He sits up and looks at himself in the mirror.  There’s still the same smile that he had in his dreams.


He gets out of bed and pours himself a gla.s.s of water.  There is an even bigger smile.


The dream was so real. Well, a lot of them were events that actually happened in his life… except for the kiss.


Sigmund Freud once said, the human brain has the capacity to add and subtract things to their dreams, therefore most dreams can be quite far from reality.  


But if dream and reality is closely similar to one another, there are two possibilities:



He is too tired both physically and mentally, therefore, the ability to alter his dreams is reduced.There is a strong desire that has been repressed for a long time.  But now it’s released.