When He Comes, Close Your Eyes / Chapter 22
Other Issues

Jian Yao says to Bo Jinyan: "I will find the opportunity to test out Mai Chen this morning?" 


    Bo Jinyan shakes his head: “No, ask him directly."


    Jian Yao looks at him.  Aren’t they supposed to conceal their ident.i.ties? 


    Bo Jinyan glances at her: "Do you think I'm an idiot?"


    Ah, she almost forgets, this man is an expert on criminal psychology.




    Mai Chen comes into the room.  He looks a little apprehended.


    Bo Jinyan asks him to sit down:  “Tech department called me yesterday.  They managed to restore some of the data from w.a.n.g Wan Wei’s computer, including her online diary.  She mentioned that you confessed your love to her on the night that she died.”


    Mai Chen puts down his head.  He keeps silent. 


    “Why did you conceal such an important piece of information from the police? It’s a matter of integrity.”  


    Mei Chen’s face turns red.  His head is still bowed.  He sits there motionless.




    Jian Yao is engrossed in watching the two of them.  Then she sees Bo Jinyan blinks at her.  


    What is that supposed to mean?  Is it her turn to speak?  What is she supposed to say?  She has no idea. 


    So Jian Yao decides to ‘interpret’ the blink the way she sees fit. 


    She gets up, pours a gla.s.s of water and pa.s.ses it to Mei Chen.  


    Mei Chen: "...... Thank you."


    Jian Yao looks up at the Bo Jinyan: “ Director Bo, allow me to say a few words.”


    Jian Yao looks at Bo Jinyan.  She is not sure if this ‘good cop bad cop’ tactic is what he is after, but she has to act fast.  


    She stands beside Mai Chen, says softly: “You do not have to be nervous.  I think Director Bo is just concerned for the wellbeing of the whole division.  Giving a false police statement can have serious consequences.  Why don’t you explain the situation to us and we can see what we can do."


    Mai Chen looks up at them.  With sadness in his eyes, he says: “I'm sorry.  Yes, I did see w.a.n.g Wan Wei that night.  I didn’t expect her to commit suicide.” He clears his throat, “Company policy does not allow colleagues to be in a romantic relations.h.i.+p.  If it’s found out, I will be fired immediately.  So I dare not say anything.” 


    Bo Jinyan looks to Jian Yao. He has not read through the employee manual.  


    Jian Yao nods.  Yes, there is such a provision.



    Bo Jinyan: “Can you tell us what happened that night?”


    Mai Chen’s eyes are red.  He is trying to hold back the tears coming to his eyes: “That night, I had the sudden urge to let her know how I feel.  I went to the villa she was staying..”


    "What time was that?" Bo Jinyan interrupts him.


    “Around midnight.  It was pretty late by then, so I glanced at my watch before I left my villa.  I saw lights s.h.i.+ning from her room.  I know she is still awake.”


    “Then what happened?" Jian Yao says softly.


    Mai Chen took a deep breath, he says: "I told her that I like her very much.  I want her to be my girlfriend. She said she will consider. So I went back to sleep, till the next morning."


    Bo Jinyan: “What time did you leave?"


    “12:30am or so."


    “Did she seem unusual or different to how she usually behaves when you were together?" Jian Yao asks.


    Mai Chen’s face has bitter laugh: "I was too nervous, I did not pay much attention."


    Bo Jinyan: “What else did you guys talk about?"


    Mai Chen pauses for a moment: “That’s it.” 


     he does not want to talk about it anymore. 


Is he concealing something? Or is it simply too painful to talk about it?  Jian Yao is not sure. Should they continue?  Should they let him go now?  What should she do?


    On this point, Bo Jinyan speaks: "Jian Yao, please tidy up w.a.n.g Wan Wei’s online diary and send a copy to the police."


    Jian Yao: “Yes, Director Bo. ” 


- Why does he suddenly mention the diary?


    Mai Chen looks up: “Can I...... look at her diary?"






Mai Chen is getting more and more emotional as he reads her diary.  


    As per Bo Jinyan’s instructions, Jian Yao is only showing him the parts where she has a crush on Mai Chen.  By the time he finishes, he is sobbing uncontrollably. 


    Jian Yao sits beside him.  Her hand gently patting his back: “It’s alright.” Mai Chen’s mood has spiralled out of control.  He turns and hugs her tightly.


    This is a normal reaction for someone looking for comfort.  But it took Jian Yao a little by surprise.  She stands motionless, allowing him to hold her and continues to comfort him.   Then a cold voice from behind him says: “Do you not have bones to support your own body? Let go of her.”


  Hearing these words, Jian Yao and Mai Chen quickly separate.  


   - What sort of reaction is it? She remembers his ‘infectious disease’ theory.  Is he concerned that she might get sick from a hug?  But Mai Chen certainly doesn't seem to be a drug addict. 




    "That day she was wearing a blue dress. Now I understand why she likes to wear blue.   She had no make up on, wearing a pair of pearl earrings, had her hair down…. she is a pretty girl.  Her eyes were a little red.  But when I asked her what’s wrong, she said she was ok.”


    ...... After I asked her to be my girlfriend, she said she will consider. I said, that I would call her in an hour. But I didn’t.  I fell asleep.  I was too tired.   Maybe… I didn’t keep my words… If only… I did call.. maybe she would still be alive?…  I’m ashamed to mention this…. it’s… my fault. "



    Bo Jinyan asks: “Does anyone else in the department knows about your feelings towards her?"


    “They are all aware of it.” Mai Chen whispered, "That morning, when her body was found, I was out of control.  Everyone saw me.  They are just covering up for me.” 




    Jian Yao tells Mai Chen to keep their conversation confidential.  The Chairman is not keen for anyone else to know about it, and it’s also to show respect for the dead. Mai Chen nods.


    He walks out of Bo Jinyan office and returns to his seat.  Zhou Qin, who sits next to him pats on his shoulder: “Are you ok?”


    Anyone can tell that he cried. 


    Mai Chen is a little embarra.s.sed: “Director Bo is not happy with the proposal I did. He gave me quite a hard time.”  He gets up and walks towards the toilets. 



    Jian Yao looks through the gla.s.s.


 As if he can read her mind, Bo Jinyan says: “ You feel sorry for him.”    


  Jian Yao:  "A little…”


    “You shouldn’t be.“ Bo Jinyan said, “It’s because of his cowardice and guilt, that the truth behind her death is concealed from the police all this time."


    He continues: "Call Yin Ziqi.  Tell her we cannot continue with the investigation.”  


   Jian Yao "Why?"


    Bo Jinyan adjusts his posture: "Because this is a murder investigation. I must notify the police. We can’t continue with the investigation in secret as she wishes. Bravo! ”


    Jian Yao is shocked. 

    "Why is it a murder? You said it yourself yesterday. She wrote the suicide note."



    "I said she wrote the suicide note, but I never said she committed suicide." Bo Jinyan smiles :”Do you not see it?  There are too many things that don’t add up.  This is a murder case. And the killer is one of your lovely colleagues in Customer 3 Division."