When He Comes, Close Your Eyes / Chapter 11
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8am. Police conference room. 


    "The murderer is a typical 'organised' criminal. An unorganised criminal usually has mental illness, behavioural disorder, and lack of planning. But our killer is sober, calculative, and has clear set of goals. 


    He lets young people become victims of his killing machine.  He fantasies about controlling life and death. It is not known how he formed his fantasy, but he lives in a city, this is a type of escapism.  When you search his house, you might find a lot of violent movies and games.


    His att.i.tude is a metamorphosis.  He didn’t form that personality overnight.  He has this fantasy which can’t be satisfied in reality. Although he speaks persuasively in front of his victims, he doesn’t like socialising. He has no friends.  His solitude adds to his psychological problems.


   Before he started killing the boys, he would have 'experimented' with stray cats and dogs, or neighbours’ pets.   Near his house, you might find clues and traces.


    Last January, he suddenly began committing crime.  Something must have happened to trigger this.  For example, a severe setback at work or life. I lean towards problems with his family - deterioration of relations.h.i.+ps, death, etc. So he was out of step.”


It is a short briefing.  


   Almost all the police is a.s.signed to be on the case,  leaving behind only a few older officers to man the fort. 


The conference room becomes empty. Jian Yao packs the presentation materials: “What should we do now?"


    Bo Jinyan puts on his coat: “Rest.”


    Just as they walk out of the station, they see Jian Xuan a few meters away, with a sweet smile: "Sister ...... Great G.o.d!!"


    Jian Yao smiles at her and asks: "? What are you doing"


    Jian Xuan replies: "You did not go home for a few days.  Mom has sent me to spy on you."


   As they are speaking, Bo Jinyan stands quietly at the corner.  Without his mask on, he attracts even more attention from the people on the street because of his good looks.


    Jian Xuan is also secretly glancing at him a lot: “Have you had breakfast?”


    Jian Yao replies: "Not yet."


    Bo Jinyan says to them: “Let’s go.” 


    Jian Yao: “I know of a stall nearby that serves excellent fish dumplings.”




   The stall is situated in the alley full of eateries.  Business is booming.  Smoke curls rising to the air from the the big pot which the stock is boiling away.  


    The three of them sits at a corner table. The young waitress’ usual cool and spicy voice has become somewhat polite and sweet today.  Looking at Bo Jinyan: “Can I take your order?” 



    Breakfast is served.  The sisters chat while they are eating. Bo Jinyan just concentrates on eating . He has no interest in small talk.


 Jian Yao notices his bowl is empty.  And he has a satisfying smile on his face. 


    Jian Yao asks: “Would you like another bowl?"


    Bo Jinyan: “Yes please.”


    After two bowls of dumplings, he elegantly wipes his mouth with a serviette.  He sits up, and drinks the bottle of mineral water Jian Yao bought him.


    Jian Xuan types message with her mobile phone.  She pa.s.ses it to Jian Yao:"Sis, do you think this dress is pretty?"


    Jian Yao takes a look at the text: “Wow, I didn’t realise Great G.o.d has such a big appet.i.te!”  


    Jian Yao pa.s.ses the phone back to her and says:. "Your taste has always been good."


    Jian Xuan puts the phone away.  She asks Bo Jinyan: "Great G.o.d, can I ask you a question?"


   Bo Jinyan:  “Go ahead."


  Jian xuan:  “Almost one year ago, I pa.s.sed through your house once.  I saw a very thin man.  I mean VERY thin. He looks a bit scary.  Who is that?”


    He answers in a calm voice: “That’s me."




    After breakfast, Bo Jinyan returns to the villa by himself.  The sisters go home.  Jian Yao is looking forward to a nice hot shower. 


    When she gets out of the bathroom, she finds her sister lying in her bed.  Jian Yao lies next to her and closes her eyes.  


    Jian Xuan turns and looks at her: "Sister ......"


   Jian Yao: "Huh?"


    “Do you think ......." Jian Xuan asks carefully “..Is Bo Jinyan on drugs?"


    Jian Yao opens her eyes: “Maybe he’s just unwell.  Serious illness.”


    Jian Xuan said: "It is much more than just ‘serious illness’.  You weren’t here.  He was really skinny.  Although I have a great deal of respect for great G.o.d, but only a drug addict has that sort of look.  Think about it!  He is a genius that deals with murderers.  He lives alone. He must be very lonely.  He has a face of a playboy. Perhaps he has a secret corrupted side to him."


    Jian Yao hears Jian Xuan say: "Sis, you better keep a distance with him. Be careful.”


  Jian Xuan looks concerned.  In Jian Yao’s mind, the handsome and arrogant face flashes before her.


    Jian Xuan is right.  He is not a usual, ordinary guy.  He’s lonely, kinda alternative… Perhaps everyone in this town thinks that they are in a different world to his. But this is because they don’t know him, including Jian Xuan.  If they ever see him walking around barefooted in his PJs, or holding his pet turtle, perhaps they won’t feel that he is as mysterious and far away as they imagine him to be.  


    Jian Yao doesn’t deny Jian Xuan’s speculations: “When we meet someone, we have to trust our instincts too and not over complicate things.


    In my life, I will encounter a lot of people.  I know that he is one in a million. Sure, he is a little odd, but I can sense that he is a brilliant person - not just because of his looks, but how his mind works.  I am saving lives with him right now.  This is a once in a life time experience.  I feel good about it.  Although it is only for a few days.  I find it very meaningful.  And that’s enough.” 


    Jian Xuan looks at her calm and gentle face.  She nods.




    The next morning, Jian Yao goes to the villa.


    They have not heard anything from the police.  So naturally, there’s nothing to do.  She wonders if Bo Jinyan is still sleeping.  


    She switches on the computer, to finish off the final bits of the translation she is doing for him.




   A large hand presses down the laptop screen:"You have other work to do."


    Thinking that there’s an update to the case, Jian Yao quickly asks: “What is it?”


    Bo Jinyan: “There’s no more fish.”


    Jian Yao: "...... Oh."


   She opens the refrigerator door.  Sure enough, zero inventory.


 Jian Yao says to Bo Jinyan, who is drinking a gla.s.s of milk:”Do you want me to teach you how to fish today?  From choosing bait to tips for pulling the pole.  Then you can look after yourself from now on…”


    "Impossible." Bo Jinyan interrupts her, "I do not like fis.h.i.+ng, and how could I waste my time on something like that?"


    Jian Yao: "...... Before I return to B city, I will find a fisherman that lives nearby so that he can send you fish whenever you want."


    Jian Yao expects him to agree.  But he answers: “No.  Go fis.h.i.+ng.”




    Under the winter sun, Jian Yao walks alone by the waterside, to replenish Bo Jinyan’s depleted stock.


     - Bo Jinyan probably refused her fishermen proposal because he doesn’t like strangers near his house.  But she is not too worried for him.  There’s always FZY.


    She is very fond of fis.h.i.+ng, and good at it too. Looking at the two creels full of fish, she starts packing up and calls Bo Jinyan: “Please come and carry the creels.”


    He looks at all the fish Jian Yao caught.  His thin lips bent slightly.  He gives a rare friendly smile.  


    They go through the narrow forest path.  Jian Yao follows behind him.  She remembers what her sister says about him.  She speaks out: “Why were you so skinny before?  I am just curious.  If you don’t feel comfortable sharing, it’s ok.”   


Bo Jinyan: “I was sick.” 


Jian Yao:“Oh, so.. you have recovered from it?”  


 A typical Bo Jinyan answer: “ Nonsense.  Of course, or else I would be dead by now.”


-  It must have been very serious.  Subconsciously, she takes a deep breathe.  Fortunately, he has recovered.  


    After a while, Jian Yao asks another question: “How did Chen Mo get his name?”


    Bo Jinyan pauses for a moment and replies “I don’t know.  I didn’t name him.”


Jian Yao: “Oh." She stops asking.  


Bo Jinyan:  “My mother.  She chose the name.” Bo Jinyan added. 


    Jian Yao senses that this is not a comfortable topic for him.  She heard from FZY that his mom died when he was very young. No wonder he’s turned out so eccentric. And he has a pet turtle.


    Jian Yao also lost his father at an early age.  She changes the topic: ”How soon do you expect the police to catch the killer?"



    Bo Jinyan answers with an arrogant smile: "I don’t know.  But if they still can’t catch the killer by tomorrow, I can only say that they operate at an amazing speed.  Amazingly slow.”